Internal Bleeding


If your pet has been involved in a traffic accident, had a serious fall or other traumatic injury, or exhibits one or more of the following signs/symptoms, you should suspect internal bleeding:

1. Pale or white gums
2. Respiration may be rapid, panting.
3. Animal is lethargic, weak, reluctant to walk.
4. Animal's rectal temperature may be less tahn 100 degrees F. (Take animal's temperature with a rectal thermometer. Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to the tip of the thermometer before inserting into the rectum. Leave in at least 2 minutes before checking. The normal temperature for both dogs and cats is approximately 100.5 degrees F-102.5)


1. Treat the animal for possible shock. (See Shock.)
1. Keep the animal quiet, still and warm and transport to a veterinarian as quickly as possible (see Moving An Injured Cat, Moving an Injured Dog).

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